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               Welcome To Beard Hunter®  

Box Turkey Calls and Friction Turkey Calls

Hello and thanks for visiting Beard for your Custom Turkey Calls

On this site you will find all the best custom turkey calls that I make. Every Beard Hunter® custom turkey call is handmade by me, Russell Beard, and tested by myself for the life-like sound of wild turkey call or other game the custom turkey call represents. I have been working with wood making turkey calls since I was 15. If you take a look at the picture below, I'm a good bit older than that now. I'm passionate about the outdoors to hunt and fish and that is how I got started in the custom turkey call making business. I was never satisfied using the mass produced store bought turkey calls, and decided to make a custom turkey call that is easy to use and makes realistic sounds. What was a custom turkey call hobby is now my full time job. I do all of my work on a custom turkey calls in a shop behind my home in Buford, Georgia. I use varieties of wood  from all over the U.S. I really enjoy being a custom turkey call maker and I will gladly custom make a turkey call for you. Numerous customers have had success with my friction turkey calls. So have fun with your visit as you look for a custom turkey call.  A good hunter knows that it is important to have several turkey calls to get a turkey to respond. I hope to have the turkey calls you've been looking for. I sincerely would love to share and contribute to your success with a custom turkey call.
                                                                                                        God Bless & Good Hunting

Russell Beard, Owner Of Beard Hunter® Turkey calls

                                                 Russell Beard , a Turkey, and one of my Turkey Calls picture here
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