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Turkey Box Calls and Turkey Friction Calls

Hello and thanks for visiting Beard Hunter Custom Turkey Calls. Beard Hunter makes the best custom turkey calls, my arsenals are custom long boxes, custom friction calls, custom scratch boxes, custom one siders boxes. I have been fishing and hunting ever sense I was Eight years old. My first job was in a cabinet shop helping out in different departments, it was learning experience that I never forget. This is how I got started in the custom call making. I am very passionate about the outdoors, and working with wood off an on all my life. I was never satisfied using the mass produce store bought turkey calls , I decided to make  a custom turkey call that is very easy to use and makes realistic turkey sounds. I started building custom turkey calls in 2001 sense then I have learn a lot about the different combination of woods. My first call was a Cost style custom short box that turned out very good. Later on in 2004 I built my first Cost style long box. I retired from my regular job in 2008 and now what was a hobby is a full time passionate job. I do all of my custom turkey calls in my shop at my home in Buford Georgia. Now I build custom turkey calls in many different varieties from custom short boxes, custom long boxes, custom single sider kee kee boxes, custom glass, slate turkey friction calls, purr and cluck pots. Custom turned strikers and water proof strikers. Numerous of customers have had success with my custom turkey calls.  A good hunter knows that it is important to have several custom turkey calls to get a turkey to respond. I hope you enjoy my website as you look for a custom turkey call are calls. I would love to contribute to your success with a Beard Hunter custom turkey call. Good luck,God bless and good hunting and please be safe. Thanks Russell Beard owner of Beard Hunter Turkey Calls.   

Beard Hunter custom turkey calls and friends hunting in Kentucky
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